1996 PONTIAC SUNFIRE - "Frankenstein"
Owner SunfireSSR

Engine Type 6 Cylinder Forced Induction
Color Forest Green
Updated 06-08-2013 09:21 AM
Mileage 0 Miles
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'96 Pontiac Sunfire
3800SC V6
Getrag F23 - M86
OBX 3rd Member
ZZP 3.4 SC Pulley (10-11 lbs. of Boost @ 6,000 RPM)
95mph Speed Limiter still set in original PCM.
Runs with both the original PCM and the Engine PCM. It was a wirring harness nightmare.
Factory Tach works with Signal from SunPro Tach w/Shift Light (control board hidden under radio)

User Posted Date Comments
That's cool, I want to do that to my girlfriends car now.
Such a SLEEPER, that is SO SICK! I would love to see the look on the face of the guy in a Mustang GT as you walk him off the line. My sister had a '99 Sunfire GT and it was a great car with the 2.4 litre. I can only imagine what yours is like!
Car is almost ready for the road again. Can't wait to see what the Getrag tranny and OBX LSD do for it. Look out Mussy-tang's !!!
Car runs GREAT !!! Roll out in 1st now - 6,000 RPM.
Shift to 2nd 5-6,000 RPM
Shift to 3rd 4-6,000 RPM
Shift to 4th 4-5,200 RPM (Hits 95mph
Speed Limiter kicks in)