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Thread: 96 3.8L Turbo Build

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    96 3.8L Turbo Build

    Good Day/Night

    Bought a Green Colored 96 Camaro with a 3.8L S II /w 5MT, that was about 2 year ago
    at this moment I have the timing chain cover off the car with the intention of drilling a hole, and add a Turbo Drain Plug, this is
    what I'm looking at
    My only issue is, where do I place the bung, and It won't be a welded one because I don't have a aluminum welder
    also, this is the turbo kit that I will be installing, I've already removed 8 of the 12 manifold bolts, the other 4 are just loose to keep it in place
    All ideas/advice are welcomed
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    You’ll have more room on the oil pan, for the return line.

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    found out that base on that turbo kit I have, I can just run it to the valve cover if I clocked it a little bit, and get some angle to drain.
    thanks for the reply thou.

    P.S the most time spend was finding out what fitting would tee into that oil sensor port, took me days to find out that it's 1/4 NPT
    hope that helps someone out...
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