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Thread: 96 3.8L Turbo Build

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    96 3.8L Turbo Build

    Good Day/Night

    Bought a Green Colored 96 Camaro with a 3.8L S II /w 5MT, that was about 2 year ago
    at this moment I have the timing chain cover off the car with the intention of drilling a hole, and add a Turbo Drain Plug, this is
    what I'm looking at
    My only issue is, where do I place the bung, and It won't be a welded one because I don't have a aluminum welder
    also, this is the turbo kit that I will be installing, I've already removed 8 of the 12 manifold bolts, the other 4 are just loose to keep it in place
    All ideas/advice are welcomed

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