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Thread: Engine Light Flashing at Higher RPM's

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    Engine Light Flashing at Higher RPM's

    Hello and thanks for the add! I am looking for an answer to this question that no one I know seems to be able to answer. In the manual of my 2007 Silverado it tells me if the engine light if flashing that I need to back off on acceleration. This only seems to happen when the engine is sustaining over 2,000 rpms. In other words when I am going up large hills or trying to pass someone on the interstate! I noticed the other day when I was just idling that when the motor hadn't warmed up and I was trying to get there faster by keeping my foot on the gas that the light started to flash again. Apparently GM was aware this could happen when they built this model? I don't have any issues with starting the motor or at normal idle. Only happens when I get my foot into the gas. Could it just be as easy as one of the sensors into the manifold? Any ideas are appreciated! I had the 4.3 in an older s-10 and loved that truck and never had any problems like this. Of course it was an older model with a manual transmission as well.

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