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Thread: 3.4/3400 Swap Ticking noise

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    3.4/3400 Swap Ticking noise

    Hey guys,
    I've got a 98 trans am shell that I picked up and swapped my 1995 3.4L/3400 Top End swapped engine into. I've got it started and running decently enough, but there's a ticking that I can't seem to identify. I was convinced it was a collapsed lifter, but I pulled the valve covers and ran it without them on briefly and all the rocker arms were firing like normal. I couldn't see/feel/hear anything out of the ordinary or that sounded different. I know there's other things that it could be, but I'm stumped. When it was in the shop for the transplant they said they fixed the minor exhaust leak when they had it out of the car as the mid tube headers are a pain to pull when the engine is in the car. I'm just looking for maybe some more experienced ears to listen to the clip and let me know what you guys think.


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    Tough one maybe in one of the pulleys, mine ticks but between the Comp OER lifters and bigger injectors it ticks also. Does yours get louder when reving it?

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    Pull the serpentine belt, does the sound go away?

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