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Soundclip Database

Please right-click and "Save Target As" on each sound clip link. If you'd like to submit a soundclip of your vehicle, please email [email protected] and we will add it to the database! Be sure to include all of the necessary information!

Member Vehicle Relevant Modifications Soundclip
1998silverbird 1998 3.8L Firebird Comp Cam, Pacesetter Headers, 3" Catco, 3" Flowmaster 80 Series
95bat 1995 3.4L Firebird Custom 3" Exhaust, Flowmaster Muffler
99v6Camaro 1999 3.8L Camaro Loudmouth Exhaust, Stock headers, Stock Cat
alt_space_n 1995 3.4L Camaro Custom Cold-Air Intake, 3" Catco, SLP Loudmouth
AZ38 1997 3.8L Camaro Comp Cam, Pacesetter Headers, LT1 I-Pipe, Magnaflow Muffler
BobsSilverSix 1999 3.8L Firebird Carsound (Magnaflow) Cat, 3" SLP Loudmouth
DarkEcho 2001 3.8L Firebird Whisper Lid, Dynomax Catback
emjlr3 2000 3.8L Camaro Aircharger Cold-Air Intake, FM American Thunder Catback, Carsound Cat
FireStorm 2000 3.8L Camaro 2.5" Flowmaster American Catback System, Whisper Lid
french_camarov6 1999 3.8L Camaro Flowmaster 2.5" Catback
Linxs 1997 3.8L Camaro Pacesetter Headers, 3" Catco, 3" Flowmaster 80 Series
MKaprocki 1998 3.8L Camaro GT2 Cam, Whisper Lid, Pacesetter Headers, Catco, Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler
scof0elife 2001 3.8L Camaro CAI, Pacesetter Headers, Catco Cat, Loudmouth Exhaust
user1101 1995 3.8L Camaro Carsound Cat, Magnaflow Catback

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