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Installation Directions

Items that you'll need:

* Silverstar H7 bulbs (x2)
* Wagner H4701 high beam housings (x2)
* 14 gauge wire
* Female slide connectors (x4, must mate with 1/4" parts)
* Electrical tape
* RTV high temp silicone sealant
* X-acto knife
* Needle nose pliers
* Wire cutter
* Philips screw driver
* Torx T15 driver
* Dremel tool w/ tungsten carbide cutter

Install Directions:

Step 1

ATake out a Wagner sealed beam light. Turn to the back side and notice the rubber material surrounding the connector. Use the x-acto knife to remove this rubber material. When finished you should have something that looks like Fig. 1. On this light, there is a phillips screw at the 6 o'clock position, beneath the conenctor prongs. It is covered slightly with the rubber material. Do not be alarmed if the screw is in a slightly different position, the following instructions will still apply.

Figure 1

Step 2

The bulb assembly is held into the housing by the phillips screw, a tab, and the rubber material. If you have removed enough material, the screw, tab, and a groove that separates the bulb from the housing should be visible. Use the x-acto knife to score the rubber in the groove. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw. With the pliers, grab the connector and pull. The bulb should begin to back out of the housing if enough rubber has been removed. The tab will hold one side of the bulb down, but it should be possible to swing the bulb out from under it. When finished you should have something that looks like Figure 2.1. Note the screw and bulb on the left.

Figure 2.1

Step 3

Now that the bulb is clear, remove any excess rubber from the inside of the new hole. Unfortunately the new Silverstar bulbs are slightly too large to fit in the original hole. Using the Dremel with the tungsten carbide cutter, grind the housing until you have a hole that allows the Silverstar to glide into the housing until the rear most portion of the bulb catches. You will be enlarging the hole to a diameter of approximately 1". This is due to the stair-step nature of the base of the new bulb. You want everything inside the housing except the last portion of the base. Clean any metal shavings from inside the housing. If you do not get them all, do not panic. Try to limit the amount of shavings that end up inside the housing if possible.

Step 4

Now that the Silverstars should fit in the housing properly, place one bulb in a housing until it is stopped by the end of its base. Back the bulb out slightly and place a small amount in a ring between the base and the housing. Try not to use too much here because if you do it may go into the the housing. Press the Silverstar bulb down until it rests on the housing. Now you may use however much sealant you wish to cover the edge between the bulb and the housing.

Note: The absolute best way to install the new bulbs would be to power them and adjust them fore and aft while shining onto a wall in order to get the best focus and beam pattern.

Step 5

The sealant will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to cure, depending on how much is used. If you do not wish to retain the stock headlight connectors and run a dual connector setup, continue to Step 6. A dual connector setup will allow you to use OEM or Silverstar bulbs, and to return the vehicle to stock rapidly if the need arises. Cut 4 lengths of wire. 6" or less is sufficent. Strip both ends of each wire. Place a female slide connector on the end of each wire and crimp. If you do not have a wire crimper use the pliers. You may also solder the connectors onto the wire.

Step 6

emove the low beams from the vehicle. You will use the phillips screw driver to remove the plastic cover and the T15 torx to remove the metal frame surrounding the sealed beam.

Step 7

If you do not wish to retain the stock headlight connectors, cut them off, strip a small length of each headlight wire, and crimp on female connectors. Otherwise, strip a portion of each wire behind the connector. Wrap the free end on the new wires with connectors around the original headlight wires. Wrap and seal with electrical tape. You may also solder the new wires onto the originals. Dual connectors will apear as in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Step 8

If enough time has elapsed and the sealant has set, continue with this step. Slide the female connectors onto the male connectors of the new bulbs. Install the lights. Make sure that all wires and connectors do not interfere with flip up operation.

Step 9

It will be necessary to check the adjustment of the headlights. Adjust using the T15 torx bit. If unsure about the process, consult a Haynes or do a google for adjustment procedure.

Step 10

Take a night drive.

Figure 4

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