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Painting Interior Trim Guide

Polishing Rear Firebird Filler Plate

This tutorial will walk you through polishing your Firebird's rear filler plate.

Painted Firebird AC Vent

If you ever wanted to add a subtle ring around your A/C vents, like the newer Pontiac cars, here's how you do it!

Silverstars in Sealed Beam for 98+ Firebirds

Tutorial for installing Silverstar Sealed Beam headlights into a 98+ Firebird.

97+ Camaro taillight converstion for 93-96 cars

I did a lot of research on this, and I couldn't get ANY straight answers from anyone, so I just went ahead and did it myself. The results turned out great, and I want to help everyone who's considering this swap by giving a detailed write-up of how to do it. It's very simple to do, and I'll walk you through step-by-step. Unfortunately, I don't have any real pictures, but I will make the directions very easy to follow and have some simple pictures I made to help you along. -halflife52

Decal Application

A step by step on the installation of vinyl decals on your vehicle.

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