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Interior Parts

Jack 10 lbs.
Spare Tire 28 lbs.
Front Seats (leather) 47 lbs. each
Front Seats (no leather) 31 lbs. each
Driver and Front Passenger Seatbelt Assemblies 4 lbs. each
Rear Seats (bottom pads) 5 lbs. each
Rear Seatback and Seatbelts 30 lbs.
Stereo Receiver 5 lbs.
Rear Panels with Speakers 4 lbs. each
Steering Wheel with Air Bag 10 lbs.
Passenger Air Bag 19 lbs.
Stock Shifter Assembly 5 lbs.
Dashboard 11 lbs.
Dash Support Brackets 7 lbs.
Misc. Dash Tubing 6 lbs.
Glovebox 2 lbs.
Sound Deadening Insullation 12 lbs.
Driver Side Carpet 8 lbs.
Passenger Side Carpet 7 lbs.

Exterior Parts

Front Bumper Support 23 lbs.
Rear Bumper Support 21 lbs.
Torque Arm 11 lbs. each
Lower Control Arms 5 lbs. each
Panhard Rod 5 lbs.
Front Swaybar with Endlinks 13 lbs.
Rear Swaybar with Endlinks 8 lbs.
Power Steering Rack 18 lbs.
Air Conditioning Unit with Tubing 21 lbs.
Air Condensor 8.4 lbs.
Two-Piece Driveshaft 25 lbs.

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