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Brakes 101

Stopping faster not only improves lap times, but can also help you avoid motor vehicle collisions. While the following has been created in order to give an overview of the components of the braking system and advice with regards to aftermarket purchases, it is important to remember that the tires are usually the weak link in braking performance. If your car experiences wheel locking or the ABS system engages during hard braking, consider upgrading to higher performance tires before changing brake components. However, braking upgrades become much more important after prolonged periods of braking in which the components themselves will become thermally saturated. Upgrade the braking system for repeatability. In most instances, the best brake upgrades for an F-body are vented “blank” disks (to prevent warping) matched with high performance pads.

Walk-Thru: Service, Maintenance, and Appearance

This guide will contain a basic walk-through to an almost complete brake system maintenance procedure: rotors replacement, brake pads replacement, caliper removal, caliper/bracket painting, brake bleeding and fluid flush.

If you are planning on doing anything else than a simple brake pad replacement, I would recommend starting with the rear, for several reasons: if you plan on flushing the brake fluid, it is advised to start with the wheel that is the furthest from the brake pump; and if by any chance you don’t get something right from the first attempt (like air in the brake lines), the front will stop you better than the rear.

Rear end swap from drums to disks (F-Body)

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