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GM Repair Manuals

Information about the repair manuals are as follows. You will need to download all the files in order to install and utilize then on your pc. As far as im aware the will only work on non MAC/OS systems.

The parts manuals are just that, parts manuals. It would appear they are scanned copies of the manuals listing all available part numbers and descriptions, most times they also have a pictoral diagram associated with each grouping of parts to aid in part identification.

Notice! Some people are reporting problems installing the repair manuals. My suggestion is to unpack all the files to a single folder on your hard drive and then run the install locally. This will save you some cds and make installing the software work without producing any errors.

Chevrolet Malibu (04-05) GM Goodwrench Repair Manual - download

Oldsmobile Alero (99-02) GM Goodwrench Repair Manual - download

Pontiac Grand Am (99-04) GM Goodwrench Repair Manual - download

Grand-Am Year to Year Comparison.

1985-1991: This was the first generation of the N-body Grand Am. It was available in Base and LE models. There were many engine options including: The 2.3L 4 cylinder (150 hp), 2.3L quad4 (180 hp), 2.5L "Iron Duke" 4 cylinder, 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo(1987-1989) (165 hp), and the 3.0L v6 (1985-1989).

1992-1995: This was the second Generation N-body Grand Am. The trim levels available were SE for the base model and the GT for the upgraded model. A 2.3L Quad4 High Output motor as well as a regular 2.3L were avaiable. The v6 engine changed from a 3300 to a 3100 in 1994.

1996-1998: This was a redesigned version of the second Generation n-body Grand Am. They updated the body panels and interior. The 2.4L engine was available in the base SE model as well as in the GT model, but the GT had an available 5 speed manual transmission. The 3100 remained available through the duration of this generation.

1999: This was the first year of the last (fourth) generation of the N-body. It was built on a new version of the N-body platform. They made the new cars wider, increased the enigne power ratings, and refined the interiors with better fit and finish. The new redesigned grand am had a base model 2.4L DOHC motor with an optional 3400SFI v6. The 2.4L had 150hp/150tq while the base 3400 had 170hp/205tq. The stepped up GT model came with a 3400 high output, with 175hp/205tq. The trim levels available were: SE, SE1, SE2, GT, GT1.

2000: The only changes for 2000 were that the GT engine was called 3400 Ram Air, and the fuel injectors were changed from AC Delco to bosche in the 3400. They also added a 5 speed transmission for the 2.4L engine. The trim levels available were: SE, SE1, SE2, GT, GT1.

2001: The radio changed from 1.5 DIN to 2 DIN, Monsoon was added as a stereo upgrade, and the 15" alloy wheels changed designs. The trim levels available were: SE, SE1, GT, GT1.

2002: The base model engine changed to a 2.2L ecotech and the center console was slightly changed to integrate the cup holder rather than using a separate plastic piece. The trim levels available were: SE, SE1, GT, GT1.

2003: The SC/T perforamnce package was added to include the ram air hood, spoiler, and stainless steel exhaust tips. The side mirrors were changed from the dual post to the Alero style mirrors. Traction control was made optional (rather than standard feature). The trim levels available were: SE, SE1, SE2, GT, GT1, SCT.

2004: The side ribs were removed from the SE model (because the Alero was discontinued), and the coupe was only available as a GT. The trim levels available were: SE, SE1, SE2, GT, GT1, SCT.

2005: This was the last year the Grand Am was available. The G6 replaced the Grand am, and is on the Epsilon platform. The SE only went to fleets, while only GTs were available to the public. The trim levels available were: SE, GT, GT1.

The final grand am rolled off the assembly line on May 6, 2005 in the Lansing, Michigan plant.

Oldsmobile N-body Year to Year History

Oldsmobile Calais

1985: Available in 2 or 4 door, this car was designed to replace the Oldsmobile Omega. It offered the tech IV 2.5L engine (98hp/135 tq) and the 3800 3.0L (125hp) motors.

1986: No major changes until 1988.

1987: No major changes until 1988.

1988: Car was renamed as Cutlass Calais and another 4 cylinder motor was added: quad4 2.3L (160hp/152tq).

1989: The tech IV motor was bumped to 110 hp. The 3.0L motor was bored out to 3.3L (160hp/162tq).

1990: The quad 442 was offered. It was a version of the High Output quad 4 motor coupled with a 5 speed transmission.

1991: The quad 442 was offered. It was a version of the High Output quad 4 motor coupled with a 5 speed transmission.

Oldsmobile Achieva

1992: This car replaced the Olds. The S and SL models came as coupes or sedans, while the SC and SCX were only sport coupes. The S came standard with the 2.3L OHC (120hp) 4-cylinder and had the SLs standard 160hp Quad4 as an option. The SL had the 3.3L (160hp) available as an option. The SCX came with the W41 Quad4 motor (190hp).

1993: The horsepower goes down slightly due to stricter fuel regulations.

1994: Drivers side air bag was added as a standard feature. The 3.1L (160hp) replaced the 3.3L v6.

1995: Only one trim level became available, the S, but were available in series I and series II. The quad OHC and HO Quad4 ere dropped. Only the Quad4 (150hp) and the 3.1L v6 (155hp) remained.

1996: The dash was revised with all new gauges and a passanger air bag was added. It got an all new interior as well as A/C as standard feature, and daytime running lights. The Quad4 was replaced with the 2.4L twin cam(150hp).

1997: Only minor chages were made.

1998: Engines available were the 2.4L DOHC (150hp/150tq) and the 3.1L v6. This year it was only available in sedan (4 door) form.

Oldsmobile Cutlass

1997: The model worked as a bridge between the achieva and the Alero. It only came with the 3.1L (155hp) v6 motor, and was extremely identicle to the Malibu. THe only differences between this car and Malibu were the slight changes in the bumpers.

1998: No changes for 1998. This car was only a place holder until the Alero Came out.

1999: No changes for 1999. This car was only a place holder until the Alero Came out. This was the final car to ever be named Cutlass.

Oldsmobile Alero

1999: Sold in either Sedan or coupe form, this car replaced the cutlass as Oldsmibile's N-body car. The engines available were the 2.4L DOHC (150hp/150tq) and the 3400 (170hp/205tq). Available in GX, GL, and GLX models. Unlike the Grand Am, the Alero came with 4-way disc brakes in all models. GLX came with 16 inch wheels and firmer suspension springs (same as Grand Am GT). Tire pressure monitor was optoinal on GL and GLX models.

2000: A 5-speed transmission was added for the 2.4L engine. GL had a performance option added which used the 16 inch wheels and GLX springs.

2001: No changes in 2001.

2002: The 2.4L Quad4 in the GX and GL was replaced with the 2.2L ecotec (140hp/150tq). The change was to increase the MPG ratings.

2003: XM satellite radio became an optional feature and ABS became an option rather than a standard feature.

2004: A "final 500" package was added to the last 500 Aleros ever built. They happened to be the last 500 cars ever made by oldsmobile. They were painted Dark Cherry Metallic and given their number, Ex: (#1 of 500). #500 was signed by all employees of the Lansing plant and the car was went to a museum. Production ended on April 29, 2004.

Malibu Year to Year Comparison

1997: The Malibu came back on the N-body platform as a front wheel drive car with two engine options: 2.4L DOHC (150hp) and the 3100 v6 (155hp). They offered two models, the sedan and a stepped up LS model. This was the only Chevy version of the N-body.

1998: Leather became an available option for the LS model. Aluminum wheels became an option and a 6 way power seat became available as an option.

1999: A thicker windshield was added as well as automatic headlights.

2000: The 2.4L engine was dropped on the availability list, and the 3100 was bumped to 170hp.

2001: Power door locks and rear defroster became standard features on all malibus.

2002: CD player and fllor mats became stadard for all models.

2003: ABS became on option rather than standard features for the base model Malibu. This was the last year of the N-body for Chevy, the new Malibu came out in 2004 on the Epsilon platform.

Grand-Am Trim Packages 99-05

SE (1999-2005):
standard: 4 cylinder, manual windows, power locks, fog lights, manual transmission (after 2000)
options: power windows, auto tranny, 15" alloy wheels, flip down rear seats

SE1 (1999-2005):
standard: 4 cylinder, power windows, power locks, 15" alloy wheels
options: 6 cylinder, 16" alloy wheels

SE2 (1999-2000, 2003-2005):
standard: 16" alloy wheels, v6 engine, steering wheel stereo controls, GT seats, GT wheels (2003-2005)
options: moonroof (2000, 2003-2005), leather seats

GT (1999-2005):
standard: GT body parts, rear disc brakes, 150 mph speedo, GT tranny, 16" alloy wheels, ram air
options: chrome wheel inserts, leather seats, moonroof

GT1 (1999-2000):
standard: GT body parts, rear disc brakes, 150 mph speedo, GT tranny, 16" alloy wheels, steering wheel stereo controls, moon roof, chrome wheel inserts, ram air
options: leather seats

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