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Thread: What can you expect from adding a Cam? LOOK HERE

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    What can you expect from adding a Cam? LOOK HERE

    I have continued the assistance to everyone by gathering a list of the board members who have installed aftermarket cams. Supporting mods are basically just general major mods that are done. This is just a reference, every car is different so dont think that if you have the same cam as someone else that your car will produce the same power, or run the same time. Tuning and other smaller mods may put you above or below what is listed here, and as far as track times are concerned, the most beneficial mod is the "Driver-Mod"

    Cam Specs: 224/215 .57/.567 116 110 (1.7 rockers)
    Supporting Mods: FFF T-70 Turbo Kit, PnP heads and intakes, Custom Tuning, Forged Pistons/Rods,
    Transmission/Gears: Built 4L60E w/4600 converter, 3.42's
    Times: 11.23 / [email protected]
    Dyno: N/A

    Cam Specs: ZZP GT2 216/216 .507/.507 111
    Supporting Mods: DIY PnP & milled heads 1.86"/1.60", L67 TB, L26 UIM, PnP & milled LIM, .045" MLS gaskets, 7.00" rods
    Transmission/Gears: FWD Automatic w/ 4000 Stall, 3.69's
    Times: 13.987 @ 97
    Dyno: none yet

    Cam Specs: Abbott Racing Custom, 230/240
    Supporting Mods: Abbott Stage 3 heads, Ported Intakes, RK Sport Lid, custom CAI, Custom Long-tubes
    Transmission/Gears: A-4, 4000TCI, 4.56/spool, 12 bolt
    Times: [email protected]
    Dyno: ?

    Cam Specs: Abbott N/A 210/220 .512/.512 112
    Supporting Mods: Whisper Lid, CAI, Pacesetter Headers, Highflow Cat, Borla Exhaust, 100 rwhp wet shot
    Transmission/Gears: 4L60E Automatic, 3500 converter, 4.10's
    Times: 13.53 @ 100.2 n/a & 12.26 @ 109.3 100 shot (tranny wouldnt shift to 3rd)
    Dyno: Not Available

    Cam Specs: Custom 221/223 .541/.525 113
    Supporting Mods: Hand-Ported Heads, Ported Intakes, Whisper Lid, FTRA, Pacesetter Headers, No Cat, TSP Rumbler
    Transmission/Gears: 4L60E Automatic 4000 Stall Converter, 3.73's
    Times: Not Available
    Dyno: 239hp/240tq

    Cam Specs: CompCams 210/220 .512/.512 115
    Supporting Mods: Stock Heads, No tuning, Whisper Lid, Highflow Cat, 3" Magnaflow Cat-Back 100hp Wet Nitrous(removed)
    Transmission/Gears: 4L60E Automatic Stock Stall Converter, 3.42's
    Times: [email protected] N/A [email protected] N20
    Dyno: 212hp/221tq

    Cam Specs: Custom 218/218 .528/.528 112
    Supporting Mods: Stock Heads, No tuning, Whisper Lid, Highflow Cat, Shorty 3" Dumped Bullet muffler
    Transmission/Gears: T-5 Manual, 3.73's
    Times: [email protected]
    Dyno: Not Available

    Cam Specs: CompCams 200/206 .498/.480 112
    Supporting Mods: Stock Heads, Minimal Tuning, 3" Downpipe, SLP Loudmouth,T04 Turbo(7psi) 75hp wet N20
    Transmission/Gears: T-5 Manual, 3.23's
    Times: [email protected]
    Dyno: 188hp/231tq N/A 448hp/471tq Turbo/N20

    Cam Specs: CompCams 216/216 .507/.507 112
    Supporting Mods: Abbott Stage 3 Heads, TSP Tune, headers, Whisper lid, True Duals
    Transmission/Gears: 4L60E Automatic, TCI 3800 Stall, 3.73's
    Times: [email protected]
    Dyno: 223hp/218tq

    Cam Specs: ZZP GT1: 210/210 .507/.507 113
    Supporting mods: Stock Heads, Hand Ported Intakes, Tuning, Pacesetter Headers, Whisper Lid, FTRA, No cat, Z28 Muffler w/cutout
    Times: [email protected]
    Dyno: 239hp/240tq(w/o belt)

    Usd2Sing/DaniCammed8 (same car, Father/Daugher team)
    Cam Specs: Supersix Stage 3 214/220 .526/.526 112
    Supporting Mods: SSM stage 3 heads, Ported Intakes, Tuning, Pacesetter's, Modified stock lid, HiFlow Cat, Magnaflow 3" Cat-Back, 50Hp wet N20
    Transmission/Gears: 4L60E Automatic w/ Stock Stall, 3.42's
    Times: [email protected] 1/8mile (spinning)
    Dyno: 271hp/301tq 50 shot

    This list will hopefully grow in the next few weeks, so keep checking back if you havent seen a cam you are interested in... It just might show up.
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