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Thread: 4.3L going into a small import

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    4.3L going into a small import

    Hello everyone. I'm helping a buddy with his 4.3L balance shaft equipped engine refresh. The engine itself came from a 99 Chevy Astro van. He plans putting the engine into something like an MG Midget or other car similar to it.

    I've pretty much spoken with Comp Cams and Edelbrock regarding the performance goodies he wants to pep the engine up with. A couple of my issues still lurking are where to find an aftermarket, steel oil pan for this vehicle. My buddy told me that sump needs to be up front and not in the rear. I've seen 4.3L oil pans online, but every one so far has been for the 4.3 family prior to this one from the 99. So, can anyone shed some light on where one might find an oil pan that fits this criteria?

    I'm also going to be looking for alternator and power steering pump brackets that will allow mechanical connection to the motor like the old days. Will this version of the 4.3L accept the old school brackets or is the older family 4.3's that work? He does not want the bulky aluminum brackets as they will take away from the old school look he is seeking.

    Thanks and I hope I have provided enough info for some feedback.


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