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Thread: 96 camaro single turbo setup, is it doable?

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    96 camaro single turbo setup, is it doable?

    I'm looking to put a single turbo in my V6 camaro. Every other forum I've been on seems to really dislike anything V6, but one of the very few nice comments I've received told me to go here, so here I am. I'm not looking to get insane power, I just want to have a little more fun without having to go through selling my car and dealing with the stress of buying a new one, again. So what do I need in order to make this happen? There's one kit I keep seeing on ebay for around $800, but it doesnt have an intercooler. I've heard I'm going to need to swap the PCM to one thats 97 or later. I just don't really know where to start so any guidance, links, or bits of knowledge would be greatly apreciated!
    If it genuinely just IS NOT worth doing, what else can be done to it to give it a bit more power?
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    1996 to 1997 pcm is a direct swap, just make sure you get a 1997 pcm with your manual or automatic and gear ratio. Reason you need to do this is because you can tune the 1997 pcm with Hptuners. There’s another forum you can go to that has more action, there’s 3 builds with the eBay turbo plus mine I’ll be doing probably next year.
    Getting a intercooler and pipping isn’t expensive, $150 for a intercooler and about $100 for piping. Check out the site I posted.
    1996 Camaro built engine, suspension GT35R turbo build.

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