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Thread: L36 into RHD Toyota stout

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    L36 into RHD Toyota stout

    Gday all, hope your well. Putting a L36 3.8L into a '78 Toyota Stout, and have a few questions.
    The motor's an ecotech out of a '03 Holden VY Commodore and has a cupla things that need changing.
    1. It has a front sump pan that sits outfront, where the Stout sway bar is. Is there a standard pan, pressed steel preferably, that sits underneath the motor?
    2. The right hand exhaust manifold has the steering column running between it and the block, and therefore sits out too wide to clear the column in the Stout. Does the LHD righthand manifold sit closer in, like our left hand manifold does, which is near vertical?
    Is there a belt kit, or something, that deletes the power steering pump and air conditioning condenser? Will removing these upset the standard Commy computer?
    3. Is there a kit, or a way, for deleting the heater inlet and outlet castings?
    4. Is there an aftermarket wiring loom, apart from the "V6 Conversions" 1, that will plug/splice into the Stout loom?
    Cheers in advance, RocketScreenshot_20200320-174518_Gallery.jpg
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    try they've got a ton of 3.8l ecotec stuff

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