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Thread: Na holden project

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    Na holden project

    So Ive got the aussie manifold all cleaned up, fitted her in the car. I'm using an intake elbow from a commodore ,along with a custom adapter to mount the camaro dbw throttle. Next step is porting and polishing.

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    What kind of gains do you think you'll see from using this intake on the camaro?

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    I'm not sure about what kinds of hp gain I'll get. But the Intake runners are longer, so that should give more low end torque. The air distribution is more even , the runners sit above the base of the manifold, so they'll stay cooler, and unlike our stock manifold , I can easily access the plenum interior and runner bellmouths to port and polish the crap out of it....

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    Gains should be good, following the build on

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