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Thread: intercooler ideas for M90 firebird project

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    intercooler ideas for M90 firebird project

    Hey all, hope everyone elses builds are going good. little update, finished the tstat housing the other day, so the motor will be getting dropped in sometime next week.

    I know that there is not enough clearance for us to use the shortstack IC from ZZP - would have to either get a tubular Kmember or cut into the cowl, so I wanted to run a couple of ideas past the forum members.

    In the new 2019 Charger Hellcat Redeye's they use a supercharged motor. I read an article where they actually run an AC line to the SC to cool the air down before it enters the engine itself. Do you guys think that doing this is possible? How beneficial would this be, if possible. How much HP does it take to run the AC compressor - since ill be using power to make power, need to weigh the benefits vs. the loss.

    the other idea is to put sort of like an Aluminum shield over the SC with a fan and or intake/outlet pipe to sort of run cool air over the entire SC housing, to keep it cool when it heats up after a few runs.

    Thoughts, ideas?

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