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Thread: new member introduction // project firebird

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    new member introduction // project firebird

    Hey all, new to this forum, I think this is the right spot for member introductions. If not, feel free to move the thread to the correct spot on the forum.

    I bought an 01 Firebird back at the end of 2018 as a graduation gift for $1500. 3.8 series 2 V6, auto, and with 130k miles on the clock. All the mods I managed to be able to do was basically maintenance and repairs as far as mods go. Got new tires, new muffler, new cat, and replaced the alternator, plugs, wires, etc. I was only able to drive it for a little over 8 months before the engine threw a rod on me after a valve spring broke on me.

    Spent the last year tearing down the engine, and am now in the process of putting in an L32 3800 Series III supercharged V6 (with the gen V) from an 07 Grand Prix Gt. So far I have replaced all the gaskets on the new motor, polished everything up, replaced the timing chain and tensioner, new water pump, and ive already made the elbow pipe for the SC. I also got some pacesetter headers, and am looking to add a 3.6"pulley, true dual exhaust system, and a retune with Hptuners to run on 93 octane.

    Looking into the future, Ill be adding: 3.42 gears, 1 piece aluminum drive shaft, new control arms all the way around, drilled and slotted rotors, VS cam, 42# injectors, and a 3.4" pulley, with a retune.

    Pictures of the swap are being posted on Instagram under @3.8sc_firebird if you're interested.

    Im about 90% done with the swap, and about to drop the engine in any week now. Wish me luck, any advice or points will be greatly appreciated!

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    Sounds like a cool build, wish you could post pics on here, keep us updated. I 've ran the VS cam for almost 20 years, good cam. Finally installing a ST2 cam for my turbo project in November along with some other goodies.

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    Thanks man, your build seems cool too. Could probably run circles around mine lmao. Ill see what I can do about posting some pictures on this thread, or on this website in general.

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    Thanks, theres also good info on another forum that 2 guys did the m90 in the Camaro/ Firebird and its easy to post pics, , you should check it out. I think their threads are stickies.

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    I would also upgrade your valve springs while the engine is out, with the VS cam, 105lb springs should hold you for awhile, or you could do 130 or 136 but you would need a double roller timing chain. Also the retainers and locks and pushrods wouldn't be a bad idea either.
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    noted, thanks man. appreciate the advice. Ill take a look at the other forum as well.

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    IMG_20190427_144909.jpghere is the car, managed to pull the old motor out of the car without removing the front bumper, or pulling it from underneath. Just hooked a wench up to it, and it popped out without too much of a hassle

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    IMG_20190611_200312.jpgIMG_20190611_200306.jpghere are a couple of pictures that I got of the elbow that I made for the Gen V. This along with wiring and splicing the 2 harnesses together were easily the hardest and most time consuming part of the swap.

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    Looks good, never pulled it from the top before. Thats good info if I need to pull mine. Always did it from the bottom. Btw how do you post pics on here , would be good to know?

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    Thanks man

    I emailed the pics to myself, downloaded them from my email to my desktop, then uploaded in the area where you would normally type your message. There is a little button used to insert an image. Similar to inserting an image in an email or word doc.

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    Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

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