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Thread: T5 upgrade options

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    T5 upgrade options

    I have searched this forum over and over for the past month, and I have learned a lot about these cars. One thing I have not been able to find though, is information on upgrading the t5 transmission beyond the information in the sticky in this section. I have read about someone using a g force trans with a spec clutch, but from what I can tell, g force only makes a complete gearset for the mustang and v8 camaro. I know the v8 camaro input shaft is too short, so I started looking into the mustang gearset, since I knew it used a slightly longer input shaft than the v8 camaro. According to what I was able to find, the 85-93 v8 mustang used a 9.25" input shaft just like the v6 camaro, but with a 1 1/16" 10 spline instead of our 1" 26 spline. The clutch could easily be taken care of since the turbo 4 cylinder mustang used the same spline and diameter as the v8, but with a smaller diameter disc at 9.25" which would work with our pressure plate. But the issue is all the misinformation on the internet. Some sites list the v8 mustang input shaft at 9.30" instead of 9.25". The pilot bearing section of the input shaft also looks slightly shorter than what the v6 camaro uses, and since 9.25" is an overall length, I'm concerned the mustang input shaft might be a little too long. So my questions are: has anyone upgraded the gearset on the v6 camaro t5? If so, how did you do it? Does anyone know if the v8 mustang input shaft will work for our cars?

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    There was someone on here that used a G-Force tranny in their F-Body. I would contact G-Force and see what they can do.

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    Yeah, I saw that musicman was using one, but he hasn't responded to my PM yet. And g force might be able to custom make an input shaft for me, but their off the shelf gearset is already pricey for a t5, I would hate to see the price for a custom piece. I'm not looking to make a lot of power with this car, just would like to be able run a 3.73 or 4.10 gear without blowing the tires off in first. So a stock 2.95 gearset would be perfect for me, if it will work.

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    For anyone who is looking to change their gear ratios, I found someone who has ran the v8 mustang input shaft in a s10 t5 behind a l67. I'm waiting on him to reply for more details, but I know he had the input shaft machined to the same pilot bearing diameter as the 3800 instead of machining a bushing. He also used the astro a5 input shaft with the 26 spline so he even used a factory style clutch.

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    I would get a better suspension, maybe LCAs , TQ arm and good tires. Stock T5 should be good for anything N/A. I blew 3rd gear when I had my M5 , but was running over 300 wrhp with 3.42s. Now I have a beefed up A4 with 3500 stall and with my suspension grips fine with 3.73s. Thats until the turbo goes back on. G-Force isn't that bad, its like $2200 for a M5, a built A4 is about the same.

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    $2200 is a bit too much to spend on a v6 camaro transmission when I'm not looking to increase power a lot. Like I said in a previous post, I would just like to be able to run 4.10 gears without blowing the tires off in first. The 2.95 gearset will also give me a .63 5th gear ratio, allowing highway cruising to be tolerable with 4.10s. I spoke with Stan from pro-force transmissions, he modified a v8 mustang astro gearset to work with the 3800. He said they turned the pilot shaft diameter down, and shortened the splines. I was waiting to post this information, because I suspect that it would be very close, but possible to do without machining the splines.

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