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    Greetings forum members!
    My name is Jimmy, from Bozeman, Montana.
    I'm here to learn about my L36 3.8 Series 2 engine before I start getting into a turbo build for it.

    This will be my first endeavor with forced induction, so I plan to get myself well informed before I make any decisions about purchases or power goals for the project.
    The engine currently resides in a 99 Camaro, which after doing some initial research, the weak links seem to be the transmission and rear differential.
    The engine itself is an interesting piece, it seems very well designed internally, and from what I've read, can handle a fair amount of power in stock form..
    I'm stoked about this project, and am excited to get this project done right with the help of the knowledge of this forum!
    Be well!

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    Welcome Jimmy! There are some 3.8 turbo cars still hanging around here but not like there use to be. I have a 94 camaro with a 2006 malibu 3.5 in it which I turbo charged. You didn't say what trans you have in the car. You will have to upgrade the trans and rear for sure but start out with low boost and upgrade later.

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