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Thread: high compression pistons

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    high compression pistons

    anyone know where i could get 11:1 pistons for my 3800 from ? without having to sell a kidney first ?... im not going to be running any nitrous, just a bad ass N/A set up. I dont need to have forged pistons, a hypereutectic piston set would be fine and should be cheeper.

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    I don't know about 11.1 , but ZZP has JE forged 9.9.1 pistons. Never seen anyone or heard anyone going higher. Good luck

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    Why not 11:1... the 2018 3.6l runs 11.3:1 is an n/a motor and is pushing over 300hp... i know its got direct injection, and 4v per cylinder, but still ...all I know is back in the day, with sbc , higher compression always got you significantly higher hp. 11:1 is as high as you can go on 93 octane but still do-able me-thinks

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    Apparently diamond will make custom pistons for about $900 bucks... I only need one kidney to live on....

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    Thats not bad for custom pistons , I have diamond forged pistons 9:5.1 since 2002 , they've held up outstanding through the years with everything ive thrown at them . Boost and nitrous. Great pistons.

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