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Thread: mileage too high for a new cam

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    mileage too high for a new cam

    so my 2000 camaro 3.8l has about 162000 miles on it. im the original owner, and have religiously changed the oil and filter every 3600 miles since i bought the car 18 years ago. its very well maintained. It already has headers, no cat, 3" flowmaster exhaust, ram-air intake, ported intake manifold, deleted egr, hp tuners, trango shit kit, and 3.42 gears. im considering a zzp gt2 cam , but im wondering if my mileage is too high to do a new cam without doing a full engine rebuild ?


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    I wouldn't think so , might as well install new valve guides with heavier springs , I think you would at least need 105lbs. Then while the cover is off a new oil pump and timing chain wouldn't hurt.

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    Oh , also invest in a wideband O2 if you go with the gt2 cam since you already have Hptuners, saves money going to the dyno.

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    Thanx, are the valve guides on these heads pressed in or threaded in ?

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    I would do a compression check or a cylinder leak down test before changing out the cam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4thgenmike View Post
    Thanx, are the valve guides on these heads pressed in or threaded in ?
    Their pressed.

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    Still undecided on which cam to use and would appreciate some input. I'd like something with a lopey idle(mostly for the sound) but I don't want the car to have crap low end or lowsey streetability. I read some posts that the gt2 and other cams with .216 or higher .05 duration have terrible streetability. But I'm concerned a gt1 might be dissapointing. Again, I'm looking to build this as a ballsy street car but not for all out track use.

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    You can always order a custom cam at ZZP. Maybe do the specs of the Abbott Racing cam , I know alot of people who ran it and liked it, I don't remember the specs of it though. Someone here might have the specs or in a old post.

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    I was actually thinking about using the stattama 2 cam.... with 212 .05 duration, 520 lift and a 113 seperation angle its only slightly more than the gt1, plus if i decide to add a turbo later on ill already have a cam that will work well with it. Has anyone else on here ran that cam na ?

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    I don't know but I have the VS cam right now and its fine N/A, I have a ST5 cam waiting to go in, I think it would be fine N/A , just won't get the maximum benefit from it unless you turbo it. Theirs turbo headers on ebay right now, I picked up a set a few weeks ago. Their not that bad, will find out how they work in about a year.

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