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Thread: Misfire! WHat could cause this?

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    Misfire! WHat could cause this?

    I have a 2003 S-10 with a 4.3L EFI engine with a 5 speed, 189,000 miles on it. This morning on the way to work my check engine light started flashing and the engine started running rough. Checked the code and had a P0300 Misfire. The distributor is new (2 months old), nothing can be seen on the cap, inside or outside, as to a crack or other damage. Plug wires and plugs are new as of this afternoon. Still get a misfire and a code of P0300. Plugs showed nothing out of ordinary for a plug with 60,000 plus miles on them. Any ideas anyone?


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    When in doubt change coil and coil wire I know you said you had new plug wires but I've had more problems out of coil wires then any thing on theses motors

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