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Thread: New here +Looking for a Ground Hop

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    New here +Looking for a Ground Hop

    Howdy all - New member here. Quick introduction... Living in NYC now, but had a S15 Jimmy I was supposed to restore and get back on the road when I lived in NJ as of 2 years ago. I got as far as building up the engine and then life through a few curve balls. I now have a kid and live where I cannot work on anything car related. Anyway... my 4.3L engine is being stored at a friends house and I have had it listed up for sale in a few places but everyone is a bit cautious because I never got the engine fired up - had to scrap the truck project before getting it installed.
    (Ground HOP = kit/stand for running engine out of vehicle)
    If anyone here has an engine ground hop for a V6 Chevy already set up and wouldn't mind helping me out with getting this engine up and running I would be really grateful. We could work out what's fair for your time and help. I'm willing to drive a couple hours if that is what it takes because that seems like the only way I'm going to get this engine out of my friends house to keep his wife happy.
    Thanks in advance and sorry for opening with the ask for help.
    I'd be coming from ZIP 10039 and the engine is near 07866.

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