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Thread: Spring change ?? Tom Henry RS

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    Spring change ?? Tom Henry RS

    Hello all. So I purchased a very well set up 2001 camaro.
    The Tom Henry RS handles extremely well for an F-body. Don't get me wrong. But from what I can feel. Is that it's over sprung in the rear.
    At the moment it has custom Global west springs. When they installed the torque arm and control arms. They opted to change out the eibach springs for the firmer global west option.
    Not only are they stiffer but they tend to sit about 0.3 higher than the eibachs.
    I've played with the shock settings quite a bit to see if I can improve it. And I did to an extent. But it's still way to A$$ happy.

    So my question is this. Should I change them to the eibachs and change out the sway bars.

    Let me know what you think

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    What diameter sway bars are on there right now?

    For the most part, V6 F-Bodies handle best with a bigger sway bar in the front, but a small (usually stock) sway bar in the rear. If they upgraded the rear sway bar to a larger size, that's the first thing I'd try swapping to see if it makes a big difference.

    From there, if you're sill unhappy with the back-end feel, I'd definitely swap the springs. It's your ride. You have to enjoy driving it or what's the point?
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    As of right now it has z28 sway bars front and rear. So..... technically stock I would say. I was toying with the option of putting a larger upfront to compensate. But since I already have the springs I'm just going to throw them on and see how it feels.

    I drive the car 100 miles a day so a softer spring would be nice either way lol

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    i don't know what stiffness of springs your currently running. ive had success with 150# and 200# springs in the rear and the strano adjustable sway bar as well. currently right now i have the 150# springs ant the sway bar on full stiff. this and some shock adjustments should get the car full neutral. also make sure your tuning on a full tank of gas, there are no baffles so a half tank or lower will cause the rear end to step out as well. i won a scca national tour with using those rear rates.

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    Really ???
    That's good to know. Come to think of it over never raced it in a full tank. I'll have to test that out. Good to know thankyou ��

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    yes and its a distinctive when the car is stepping out caue it will jolt the rear just past the apex of the corner. i didn't know until strano told me to run a full tank at my second nationals event.
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