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Thread: 3800 Datsun 210

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    3800 Datsun 210

    Hey Guys! I plan to start my Datsun swap here soon and wanted to ask a few questions. Any help is appreciated!
    I Plan to use the entire drive train out of a 1997 3800 Firebird. Motor,trans,rear end, front and rear suspension the whole deal.

    When removing the motor/trans out of a 97 Bird is it easier to pull it out the top or just the whole cradle from under? I plan to go through the engine as i know little about the history, the guy claimed he rebuilt it but the
    shop must have forgotten the oil pump rod...... from what i can tell there is no rod so not sure if his info is reliable (Feel free to correct me on that)

    What are some key areas to look at on the L36 motor while i have it apart? Are there any typical areas that need extra help?

    I am still undecided on Going Turbo or SC or staying N/A, what are your thoughts? Given that its a completely custom build i have the opportunity to adjust the firewall to compensate for a SC but everyone like to go chu chu

    The Datsun its self is 1940lbs dry but the one i have has pretty much a drivers seat and thats about it, without a scale id estimate it close to 1k lbs considering it can be picked up by four guys,
    should I even worry about power adders or would stock or even some mild mods make it that much more fun?

    The plan for this car is to have something fun to drive to car shows, 1/4 mile rung what you brung, weekend warrior kinda deal.

    Ill post pictures of both the donor car and the project when i get a second Wish me luck!!

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    Good luck! Sounds like it's going to be quite the project.

    While I've never done it myself, I've seen the engine and trans pulled out of the car both ways. If you disconnect everything and have the means to get it out from under, that might be the way to go from what I've seen.

    Check all the gaskets/seals. The engines are pretty stout for the most part. My biggest issues have always surrounded leaks.
    Check for broken off bolts holding on the exhaust manifold as that's a common problem and they get stuck in the heads. It's a great time to get any out of there if you have the engine out of the car.

    If you have the means to make modifications to the placement of the engine in the bay and/or the firewall, I'd recommend the supercharger. There's a lot of research that's been done on the L67 engines and plenty of go fast goodies. They even have swap kits available to go from a L36 to an L67.

    Mild mods to the L36 would probably be enough for a car that light though. It really depends on what you'd like to do with it. I have both an L36 and an L67 right now but they're both in much heavier cars than what you're working on building. My L36 in my 1996 Camaro has always been enough to toss it around in a spirited fashion. I have a few bolt-ons and suspension modifications, but nothing major.

    Have fun! Post up pics if you can!
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