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Thread: LU3 Fuel System Diagram

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    LU3 Fuel System Diagram

    As the title state I am looking for the Upper Manifold fuel system diagram for a 2007 4.3.

    To give you folks a little background I bought the motor off Ebay and had it shipped to a shop to build an off road buggy (rock crawler). The confusion is about the (lack of?) fuel return line. If there is no return line and just a fuel pressure regulator does that additional port need to be plugged?

    I will be running a Carter P5000 in line fuel pump from the fuel cell.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    only shows 1 fuel line and found out FPR is attached to spyder assembly. Still not sure about what to do about the other port.
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    After reading about the CSFI to MPFI conversions being a direct bolt on and noticing that all of the LU3 items on ebay just have one single line attached to the spyder body, the only logical conclusion I can come up with is that the other line (I assume the fuel return line to the tank) is easier to unbolt and remove then to include with the engine/manifold.

    Can someone please confirm this?

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