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Thread: Solid Roller cam in a late 4.3

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    Solid Roller cam in a late 4.3

    My name is Steve, I am new here. I have a Datsun truck 1976 with 4.3 v6 running low 11's. I receintly started building a new 4.3 motor, 1987 (factory hyd roller motor). I am putting a solid roller, .600 lift and .300 duration. I have everything installed, but when the solid roller lifters start to ramp up as soon as they start to move all the oil from that bore comes pouring out. Before I knew this I started the engine and the oil pressure Gage went crazy fluttering. This happens with all the looks like I need a lifter with shrouded wheels like the factory hyd. Rollers. I have searched everywhere I know of and have even talked to Ron Isky and have had NO luck. I was told that the oiling gallery behind the lifters is wider than the non roller blocks. Has anyone had this and if so what was the cure? Thanks

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