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Thread: White Smoke/Steam from Throttle Body and Airbox region

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    White Smoke/Steam from Throttle Body and Airbox region

    New to the forum and looking for guidance. I did a search but the only threads I found mentioned white smoke from the exhaust. Noticed white smoke coming from the throttle body and out the airbox. It presented EXACTLY as it does in this video :

    And idea what could cause this? There was no smell to the smoke. Also, vehicle is a 1998 3.8L Camaro which we just replaced the engine and currently it starts, idles rough for a few seconds and then stalls out (all while in park). Have not been able to get it running long enough to drive. No engine codes present. Fuel Pressure Good. Previously threw a code P0108 and P1106 - tested and replaced MAP sensor codes gone now. Doing compression test this weekend.

    Any input is appreciated.



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    White smoke usually indicates steam from antifreeze but that would have a very distinct smell to it. The other possibility is oil fumes from the crankcase but again easy to detect from the odor. I would pull the intake tract off right after the smoking occurs and see what film is inside to determine either water or oil deposits.

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