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Thread: 1998 S10 4.3 getting a vortech s/c and needing a fuel pump upgrade

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    1998 S10 4.3 getting a vortech s/c and needing a fuel pump upgrade

    I say it's getting a vortech s/c but technically it had it before, but I removed it to get the truck back on the road. I just got the truck back on the road earlier this past spring, for the first time since February 2011. I never had issues with belt slip before, but I upgraded to an AD244 alternator, but once I upgraded the belt slip issues would not go away with. I cleaned the pulleys, replaced the belt a couple times, replaced the tensioner and got the best belt I could find, I thought I had finally solved my issues, until I popped my hood and saw everything caked in black rubber dust. So right now I am driving around n/a and I can't stand it. I think I came up with an idea that will help my belt slip issues by rerouting the belt and modifying the tensioner to rotate it toward the waterpump.

    During the time the truck was off the road, I rebuilt the suspension and stripped everything off the frame for a coat of POR15 except for the cab, front fenders, engine and trans. That included the boost referenced FMU, that will be getting reinstalled, and the secondary inline fuel pump. Being that I live in New England the inline fuel pump that had been mounted under the truck on the frame rail, was way past it's prime and I don't feel comfortable reusing it. It's severely rusted and I don't know how thin the outer case has gotten.

    So rather than install another inline fuel pump on the frame rail, I want to upgrade the stock fuel, and stick with just one pump. Other than an SLP y-pipe and a 3" single exhaust, the engine is more or less stock, so I don't need a pump that is going to support 500hp or anything like that, maybe 350hp if I'm lucky. Do you guys have any opinions on a good intank pump that will fit my needs? I also plan on upgrading the power wiring to the fuel pump as well to keep the voltage up.

    If anyone is interested here is the saga that I went through to get my truck back on the road.

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    I would go with the old reliable walbro 255 liter pump.

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