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Thread: TBI on a 3.4

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    TBI on a 3.4

    I'm working on a project car and am thinking about using a 3.4 out of Firebird/Camaro as the donor engine.
    For ease of tuning, I'd like to use a set up I already have which works with a TBI.

    Question, Is there an intake manifold which will allow the use of a Carburetor or TBI injector on it. I don't have any size/space/clearance restrictions in terms of the throttle body fitting on the engine, the only question is what intake would bolt up to the heads and allow the use of a Carb or TBI with adapter plate?

    I am pretty sure there were 2.8 and 4.3 engines which ran TBI. Would an intake from one of them fit the 3.4 ? I don't know anything about which heads were on these engines.


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    You can use the TBI intake off a 2.8 can also install the larger 4.3 tbi on the 2.8 manifold by enlarging the throttle bores. Some of the 4.3 throttle cables or linkage make them easier to install so pick carefully. You can adapt a 2 bbl Weber carb to the 2.8 int manifold. Edelbrock and Offenhauser made manifolds but they are expensive. Lots of info on if you do a search. I run a 4.3 tbi / 2.8 intake on my 3.4.
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