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Thread: Not Exactly New, But I'm new

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    Not Exactly New, But I'm new

    I guess I've been a long time lurker of sorts. Always searching for answers or ideas for what I'm working on. I've signed up a while ago and tries to sign up again but turns out I already have with this one.

    Anywho I have a 3.8 powered 02 Camaro that I autocross regularly with a few bolt on mods and some suspension upgrades to handle better. Currently it runs in the ESP class, but with myself being the only regular ESP driver I'm thinking about switching to SM or to some CAM class to have someone to compete against.

    The other v6 power in my life is my 97 Maxima. Kind of an oddball here on the forms I think, but hopefully y'all wont mind its presents here. This car is just my daily but it does have a few alterations to it such as lowering springs for looks and a cheap eBay fast cannon for look and sounds. Also the old exhaust may have finally rusted off giving me such an excuse to tell the wife I need a new exhaust.

    I do also have a YouTube channel with a whopping 30 subs! A lot I know. I'm sooo YouTube famous. On the channel I have videos of the Camaro. Both of the build and most of the autocross events I've attended. That about it I believe any questions, comments, concerns you may have comment/ask way and I'll do my best to respond.
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    Welcome to the Forums man! I've come here for every question I've had and everyone here has been more than helpful! Welcome!
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    Warshrike is a member here who is about to do CAM events also. He will finally have someone to talk to lol

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