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Thread: 3.4 desktop dyno please

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    3.4 desktop dyno please

    I was wondering if somebody could plug my #'s into desktop dyno or similar and give a rough estimate power #. Or even better if someone has the same or very similar setup and has some real world #'s that would be outstanding. I am building a new engine for my S10 pickup and doing the 2.8 to 3.4 swap. I am re-using most of what I had in/on my 2.8 and that little engine made the S10 goo pretty decently, hoping for a nice gain from the 3.4. I will be running the Edlebrock 4bbl manifold, Pacesetter long tube headers and a cam with the following Lift: I-420, E-443, Centers: I-107, E-117, Adv Duration I-270, E-280. The heads will be mildly ported. I have a Holley 390 on it now which should be plenty but if you want to try it with 500cfm and see if that makes a difference that would be helpful too. Thanks in Advance! I am sure I will have many more questions as this build progresses.

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    I finally found a copy to download that seems to work. It's getting to be an older program and it seems like a lot of the downloads out there are not running well any more. So I plugged in my #'s and it gives me 226hp @ 6000 rpm and 215tq @ 5000. This seems wildly optimistic to me. I'd love to believe we can come somewhere close to that and I do plan to get this engine dyno tuned so we will all know for real. It's not going to be a quick process, I have lots of other irons in the fire and can only work on it as I can afford to, so a year minimumish and maybe even a couple years.
    Meantime I did find a donor engine from an 85 Firebird. Pretty low miles, 113K, and got it for a good price, $250, if I was willing to help pull it. I got the engine torn down and the wear is really very minimal so I will be able to use the engine as is and that of course will save a pretty good chunk of $.
    Question for all of you. Can pics be posted on here just pasting them in or do I need to have photobucket or something and paste them in as a link? I tried a few times uploading a picture of the truck from my computer and it failed.

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    Ok, I used a sort of average of all the flow #'s on the net, which vary wildly, and set up a flow file. Much more realistic #'s! 211hp @ 6000 and 209tq @ 4500. That seems fairly reasonable, real world right around 200. Does this seem about right?

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    a carbed 3.4 with a good cam and bolt ons wouldnt suprise me to hit 200 horse. Edelbrock said a 2.8 they dynoed before their 4 barrel intake and cam kit did like 120ish and afterwards did 160ish. so a 3.4 done up nicely should do 200. Maybe to the wheels if done right.

    also you can copy and paste photos. but photobucket works too. i didnt think that site was still working
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