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Thread: 2016 Camaro Front Brakes on 94

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    2016 Camaro Front Brakes on 94

    Couple questions:

    Anyone tried putting Brembo brakes from a 2016 camaro on 94- Talking about the fronts only. I can get a complete setup locally for under $200.

    Is it a worth it- performance wise?
    Is there a writeup?
    I have 18" rims to support it.

    I've read the reviews on the c5 conversions and read that converting to the LS1 brakes are a better bang for the buck- and CLOSE to the same performance.
    Since my supercharged 3.4 won't be setting any land speed records I'll stay budget minded for now.

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    pretty sure it has been done and there should be kits you can buy to do so. i did the 98+ conversion. work fine to me. good pads help a bunch on stopping.
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