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Thread: car runs like crap

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    car runs like crap

    Hey guys, I have a 00 camaro 3.8 that i just did a turbo set up for. The car has a intense stage 2 cam, matching springs, slightly ported heads, no injectors yet, small eBay turbo (a gt35 on stanby if the car likes it.) All three inch intercooler piping and a big intercooler. The car idles okay, but under a load, like driving, it stumbles like no other. Not throwing any codes and I have tried the MAF before and after the turbo. Any help would be greately appreciated, thank you.

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    Did you tune it?

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    Mine does this too so now I'm not driving it that often.

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    They will need tuning and to the OP you need Injectors. Also close your spark gap when going turbo. It can blow out. Na plugs are like .060 of a gap and turbo needs like .040 or so.

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