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Thread: 3800 'newbie' late to the 3800 party haha

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    3800 'newbie' late to the 3800 party haha

    so I'm doing a project... building a 'rat' rod

    S10 rolling chassis (keeping firewall and floor)

    97 camaro engine and trans (L36 and 4L60E )

    70 beetle 'body' ...

    buncha L67 s/c parts... lots of cutting... grinding.. welding

    basically I'll be making the bug body become a late 30's 5 window 'coupe' but with a back seat

    I've always loved the 3800's but never had a chance to mess with one for my own... and this project while not anything specific racing wise it might see some randome drag or autox

    my biggest thing was I wanted something lumpy with a s/c whine .. the L67 variants and bits lets me do that at a fraction of just getting a blower for a sbc ...

    and all my main donor vehicles I've basically just stumbled into cheap haha

    my plans are

    L36 stock inside except maybe the replacement KB pistons (rings regapped for boost)
    - peened and stress releived, aligned and balanced
    - balance shaft removed
    - some stuff I'm forgetting.. hopefully some oiling improvement mods

    - NIC cam
    - LS7 lifters

    L67 heads
    - gasket matched heads, mild port work
    - roller rockers (stock ratio... 1.6 I beleive)
    - 136lb springs?

    L67 LIM
    - gasket matched/ported for full size I/C

    M90 s/c ... gen 3 .. ported.. probably for Northstar TB.. and some sort of modification for elbow/tube thing to over the top (instead of the side like normal )

    fullsize 2inch I/C
    possibly phenelic spacer too

    I'm sure I'm missing things ... I still haven't decided what i'm doing completely about tuning .. may get a ZZP or intense initial pcm set up (the camaro unit for boost) and then tweak with an HP tuner

    I'd love to pull 400crank hp/450 crank trq out of it .. but hp isn't my main goal... main goal is reliable lumpy whiney fun on 91 oct (it'll get 94 whenever I can )

    no idea what gear to put behind it .. or what stall converter ...

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