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Thread: Attn electronics gurus; home made circuits, radios, anything

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    Attn electronics gurus; home made circuits, radios, anything

    Hey Guys, anyone here proficient at circuits? I am very amateur at this relm of techie projects and know just enough to either build something that won't work or to get myself into trouble.

    I am looking to build a project board that would adjust it's output voltage between 0v-5v in the name of maintaining a 2.5v input/reference.

    The output will be constantly variable between 1v-4v realistically but I'm going to say 0v-5v to be safe.

    I am trying to trick the cars computer into thinking it's seeing voltage from one sensor but instead it's reacting from another different sensor.

    I was thinking of using an Error Amplifier/Shunt Regulator such as the TL431 that has an internal 2.5v reference. I think it would accomplish what I need, but I hear that the lowest possible output voltage is the 2.5V...where I need the lowest to be 1-ish volt. Yet I'm not sure if people just say minimum is 2.5V because this circuit is mainly used to regulate line voltage and has the 2.5v internal reference.

    I also don't like that it's an on/off shunt regulator that is switching between 0v-5v sine wave in order to regulate voltage, would the use of a capacitor act as a dampener?

    I apologize for leaving out specific details, if my idea works I will share it with the world. Hell, if it doesn't work I'll still share it....once it's complete. If I include the details of my idea initially it will just be open to speculation instead of helpful feedback.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! -Mykk

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    more info is needed.... I'm not sure which sensor you're trying to emulate or for what purpose, but can you draw out what you know/want the waveforms for both input and output to look like?

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