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Thread: Need help to mod of my v6 camaro

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    Need help to mod of my v6 camaro

    I'm currently finishing up a long project 97 camaro rs, it was in a bad accident in th rear and and I bought it cheap, car has 112xxx miles run beautiful, I ended up cutting the car behind the dash bc of the damage, and it was coupe but now I replaced it with a 00 camaro z28 half t top. Just waiting on my custom hood scoop and paint and it be done. My question is, I want this car to be scary fast or at least off the line. I've had a v8 and v6 before and honestly I love the v6. Not sure why but it's something bout them. But what can I do to this camaro to make it powerful? Chips? Super charger? I have nos but only purge for show. I am mechanically incline but when I run into a hiccup I got a mechanic that takes care of it for me. Any ideals would be awesome and thankful, i live in Wisconsin if that need to know

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    if you can weld, making a cheap turbo setup would be fun. if you feel like you only want a small more peppy kind of car, N/A is a good way to go. and if you feel like a challenge, a top swap is a great way to go.

    And chips are pointless on a OBDII type car. the computer will just compensate for whatever messed up reading the chip sends it and dump fuel into your motor. If you want worse gas milage.......get a "Chip."

    Wait, if you want scary fast......L32 bottom/Turbo.
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    It all depends on what you want, NA or power adder. For NA you could grab a set of headers, nice flowing cat, and exhaust to pick up a couple of ponies. You could tune it, but it can get pretty expensive if you don't have the equipment. If you want to get into the engine you could port/polish your heads. The list goes on and on.

    If you want a power adder a turbo can be easy with the right parts, time, and money. You could probably get away with $1,500-2,000 if you do the work yourself and use a lot of used parts.

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