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Thread: Need some help diagnosing a problem...

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    Need some help diagnosing a problem...

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums so go easy on me, but I have a '99 Camaro, 3.8L. I bought it pretty recently, great price, the cars pretty clean, but I noticed a small, dime sized little coolant spot every now and again underneath the car, and today, I go outside, and theres a pretty massive coolant puddle under my car and my belts are pretty noisey, and theres coolant running along one of the bearings (?), I know a little about working on cars, but to be certain I would just like confirmation from some of you guys, would I be right to think this would point towards the water pump? Is this a pretty average thing to go wrong on these cars?
    1999 Camaro Y87 3.8L
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    If you find me, please let me know.
    Could be, or another common failure point is the plastic coolant elbows that are also near there. Heater hoses route through the tensioner bracket (weird, I know), then have the elbows that go into the block. Those elbows tend to get brittle with age and crack.
    - Jared
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    Most likely the coolant elbows as he said ^

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