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Thread: Nobody laugh please, Weird swap L67/supercharged into a subaru baja

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    Nobody laugh please, Weird swap L67/supercharged into a subaru baja

    I am planning on doing a engine swap that borders on frankenstein. I have a 2005 subaru turbo baja that has a DEAD motor. I have also owned a 1995 buick park avenue ultra years ago. I remember it was pretty quick off the line. Sooooo, I want to put a 3.8 supercharged V-6 into the AWD subaru, but wait it gets better. I also want to put in the surbaru turbo on the V-6 so I can run through the turbo and supercharger at the same time ,Remember dont laugh...LOL. I have the donor car with the V-6 supercharger and harness if needed. I have a few questions. Is there a good stand alone controller for the timing and injectors that uses exhaust info, temp ect. I can pretty much make a adaptor plate out of 3/4 alu.. There comes another question. The flex plate on the supercharged V-6, is it balanced or special in any way. Also can I just put a spacer ring/or spacers under the subaru Torque converter after i redrill the flex plate for the new TC pattern to get the correct distance from the flexplate and block. This swap sounds weird but this baja looks like a truck and could amost take a BMW 3 series from light to freeway at 110mph. I really want it to be a quicker sleeper. The main reason for not rebuilding the 2.5 subaru motor is the worry of head gasket problems and money its about 5-7k to rebuild the 2.5 right. So why not go big or go home...The V-6 is only about 67 lbs more than the 2.5 H4 motor so the handling "should" not be greatly affected. Thanks for your time

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    Among other issues you will find with this swap, that turbo will be greatly undersized for the V6 engine.
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    Well im not 100% dedicated to the stock turbo but what other issues can you think of. And do you have any suggestions. Thanks

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    I wouldn't bother with twin charging at all, really will just be a bunch of headaches. I'd just dump a L67/L32 into it and be done.

    BUT, being a fellow suby owner (2013 WRX and a 2015 OB), I would just throw a new EJ255 with forged pistons and call it a day. Put a DP, intake, and a tune and you'll be sitting very nicely.
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