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Thread: Swap out 231 for L32?

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    Swap out 231 for L32?

    Can I replace my 1981 Pontiac Firebird's weak and leaking 231 with a L32? Not concerned about wires, etc, but will it bolt up? Any suggestions as I begin this journey are appreciated. V8 is not an option or desireable. I'm looking for maximum street HP without frame/mount weld modifications. Can it be done?

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    anything can be done with the right amount of $ thrown at the project. I would suggest for making the swap easier for you, Id grab the wiring harness form the L32, computer and an fbody tranny, both the T5 and 4L60E bolt up to the block. Im in the process of putting an L32 in my 01 firebird myself, so I have some knowledge in the area of swapping these motors. I'm not sure how the M90 would be with clearance for you, but ik its an issue for fbody cars. Possibly consider doing a turbo swap for the L32, there is a kit floating around Ebay for about $700 that you could use.

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