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Thread: Camaro radiator fan operation?

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    Camaro radiator fan operation?

    1999 Camaro 3.8L auto

    I was wondering what the normal operation of the radiator/condensor fans are. I put a new thermostat and radiator in about a month ago with a coolant flush and the car has stayed just below 210* until yesterday when I was sitting in a bunch of traffic (95* outside). It barely got over the half mark, but I know if it moves above the proper temp, it needs repair somewhere.

    Anwyway, my fans both run on low when the car is at hot idle, but not constantly. Just right before the thermostat opens and then the fans turn off for a while. The AC compressor is puking refrigerant so the system was not running.

    Will the fans only run on high speed with the AC on? I know on an LS1 car will turn the fans on high if the coolant temperature starts to rise above spec. Will the V6 do the same? Is there a way that I can test the operation of my fans? In low speed and high speed? Or is it a PWM signal and I have to use a Tech 2?
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    The temp needle going a tad above 210 (half) is not abnormal sitting in traffic in hot weather. I don't recall the on-off temps for low and high though.

    The fan turn-on temps are controlled by the PCM, but just straight signals through a pack of relays. Nothing special. Both fans will always run on low or high speed. Low speed is the fans running in series, so each basically gets half voltage. High speed clicks the relays so they are now in parallel so they run at full voltage.
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