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Thread: changed head gasket engine runs for a few seconds then dies

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    changed head gasket engine runs for a few seconds then dies

    just installed ported heads onto my engine along with new gaskets. now my engine wont stay running it runs for about 10 seconds then dies. would this have to do with the valvetrain??

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    Is it running smoothly for those ten seconds or is it struggling? If its smooth then I would think it be a sensor that you forgot to hook up or a vacuum leak. If its struggling, then yeah it could be the valvetrain.

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    Well. This is how it all started.the car Sat for a while ran fine before. Saves money for a build, bought ported heads. When I removed the stock heads. I turned the engine with the crank to make sure everything moved freely.I know for a fact it was not at tdc. From what I have read, this is my.first time ever doing this.newb mistake, I just slapped in the rockers and pushrods. Torqued them down and started it. I will set each cylinder at tdc and try and retorque them . Hoping I didn't bend any valves.

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    It's most likely the crank position sensor.

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