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Thread: More boost?

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    More boost?

    I've searched and searched and have gotten a lot of mixed info ... I have an 01 firebird 3.8 with a 70mm on 12 psi . my question is how can I run more boost my tunner said there is no speed density ect so what is everyone doing to tune past the 1 bar???

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    Lots of options available
    The comment about no SD option is partially correct and usually comes from the V8/LS tuners
    Maf limits are easily reached on our systems
    One of the simple and easy way to work around this is a Maf translator
    4-5 wire install takes 20 minutes
    Learning curve to use it effectively takes some trial and error
    Your tuner shouldn't have any issues with tweaking it and modifying the current tune
    Many of our sponsors carry it
    This is the "keep it simple" approach.

    There are other options available but you will need a tuner familiar with our puters
    Most of the V8 guys won't be able to figure it out
    They are used to many more options in the v8 puters
    Take it slow
    Keep it safe

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    Thanks for the response. I've been trying to take the safe approach .I converted to e85 and a better turbo wanting to run more boost to actually start spinning this 70mm .at 12psi its barley awake .then got stuck at this psi after my tunner informed me there was no option for 2 bar on the hpt.he tried to send off the tune to add it . and that's when I read that hpt wouldn't be able to .so here I am now trying tto get a game plan . I'm realistically going to have to figure out how to get it tunned around 20psi.

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