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Thread: Oil Pan Removal?

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    Oil Pan Removal?

    (2002 Camaro V6 3.8) So for the past month now I've been struggling to completely remove my oil pan to access my bearings, but I've now ran into a problem. Everywhere I have read, it always says to raise the engine, drop k-member...etc...etc... So I've only lifted my engine, but I STILL can't wriggle the pan out. I've never dropped the K, so I'm wondering if I have to do that. Also, do I have to drop the y-pipe and/or anything else?

    I've never done this or anything of this magnitude, so I'm probably gonna need a lot of details.
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    Not to beat ya up ... But if you never done it you may want to have someone with you to gove u some advice/hands on learning ...

    But if you dont want to remove k member than the is another way but trust me its no walk in the park ... Unbold y pipe, unbolt motor mounts, remove fuel rail, upper intake .. Raise engine .. Then u should be able to get that pan off but easier to pull motor n refresh the whole motor .. Doesnt cost much

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    I can say from experience you can get the pan out without removing the upper intake, and without dropping the K member. I did raise the engine off the mounts as far up as I could get it and removed the Y pipe. That said, it was a huge pain to do that way and I wouldn't recommend it!
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    You are running into a problem with the oil pickup. Yes, it is a real pain.

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