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Thread: 98 3.8l camaro RANDOM MISFIRE

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    98 3.8l camaro RANDOM MISFIRE

    first off the car seems to run pretty good, then if i rev it and hold it between 3-4k rpms the SES light will flash and it throws a random misfire code, so far ive replaced the fuel pressure regulator, all coils, the icm, plugs and plug wires, tps sensor, o2 sensors, map sensor, and cam sensor. fuel psi is at 45 key on engine off, new cats on it. compression is good on all cylinders. im just running out of ideas, do you guys have any help is very much appreciated

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    Check the ICM connecters that plugs to the ICM. Check each female slots in the connector to see that there is no brake in the connections. Just to rule out bad connectors.
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    connector is good, just checked it

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    If you find me, please let me know.
    Does it feel like it is missing or just start flashing the light at you? Does it do that at that RPM regardless of engine load (free rev vs driving rev)?

    You've covered a lot.. maybe crank sensor? I don't want to just throw more random stuff out there but I'm just trying to think of things that would cause a misfire issue aside from what you've already done.
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    Other then Checking the resistance on the injectors. Is the
    Car an auto?

    Other then that I'm out of ideas

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