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Thread: 1/4 stock times 3.8 firebird/camaro

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    1/4 stock times 3.8 firebird/camaro

    I originally posted this in the wrong forum section
    I just want to clear something up. I have read all over online that a v6 camaro or firebird will run high 15s. I own a 2000 firebird with 120000 miles and pretty sure I had the stock paper filter in, y87 package and gu6 3.42 gears. The car was completely stock except for a cherry bomb vortex muffler and I ran a 15.2. Later that month my car would not go past 3000 rpms because of a clogged catalytic converter. I thought once I replaced the cat I would run a 15 second flat. But I never went back to the strip. What times did you guys get stock?

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    I've never run mine at the strip, stock or otherwise.. but as far as I know, we have mid 15 second cars, but some factory freaks have even run 14.8 or so with basic mods such as a catback..
    I'd like to say a 15 flat is possible with a good running car, 3.42 gears, cherry bomb muffler and 2000's had the tubular manifolds right? lol
    Anyway, I'm sure someone else with actual strip times will chime in, I only know as far as I've read, no actual experience.
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