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Thread: New Member in North Carolina!

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    New Member in North Carolina!

    Hey guys,

    Jerel here and I'm a new member out of Raleigh, NC. I have WBody. 2007 Pontiac Grand prix. She started off as a base model and is now top swapped and I am in the process of getting the tuning just right. Other than that she's my baby and my daily. Thanks guys.

    Modifications include...

    Ported and polished Gen V M90
    Polished L67 heads
    personally rebuilt L36 bottom
    42.5 lb/hr injectors
    105 springs
    180* thermostat
    4in. Pulley on the blower ( less boost than a stock GTP)
    LQ4 MAF sensor
    FBody Z28 dual piston front brakes
    headers to custom cat back and magnaflows out the rear
    Trans go shift kit
    HD diff upgrade standard maintenance.

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    Neato. Welcome aboard!

    Is that Mountain Dew bottle part of the mod list as well?
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    Ha yup!

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    Welcome to the site guy!
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    Thanks a ton.

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    Just taking inventory same posting to keep the thread alive.

    VS Cam x
    Plenum gasket ×
    Lower intake gasket×
    Aluminum roller rockers x(1.6)
    Ls7 lifters x
    ZZP 7.050 pushrods x
    105 Springs ×
    Chain tensioner x
    Front cover gasket x
    rear cover gasket x
    exhaust mani gaskets x
    36, 42 lb. injectors x
    3.8 pulley x
    Fuel Pump x
    Lowering Springs
    Intercooler Core
    FP rewire
    Trailing arms
    Control arms
    Eng./Trans. Mounts
    Front STB x
    Rear STB x
    103 plugs x
    Front o2 sensor
    235/55/17 tires
    Trans? No $$$$$

    The list keeps getting longer the more things I mark off!!!!

    Trans has popped the check engine light on once or twice so I'm babying the ride at least until the engine parts are all in.

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    Whoop whoop! The last gasket set I need to get things rolling.

    Cam install hopefully within the next week or so. That will pretty much wrap up my bottom end and anything else (springs) can be done with the heads on the block in the car. Providing I don't burn valves.

    Hoping to go as low as 3.6 on the NA bottom.

    Will this fuel pump fit?

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