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Thread: Chipped Piston Verification.

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    Chipped Piston Verification.

    Just got one low mileage s/c 3800, and one with 10 min run time with no oil pressure.
    Pulled the heads on the low mileage one with a knock noise.

    Found this.

    Just want verify if this is a classis chipped piston for a 3800?

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    I don't even know anymore....
    That looks like a chipped piston. Also looks gouged. I'd expect a full rebuild with this plus knocking noise.

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    Probably scored the hell out of the cylinder wall too.
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    Looks like that one got a lil lean. LEAN IS MEAN.
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    yuuuuup. let me know what you plan to do i have some spare pistons l67 and other parts

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    All good, this is a future build bottom end for me. Really just got it for the head right know. Need to get my Samurai back on the road.

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