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Thread: 97 Grand Prix GTP fuel pump MAJOR issues

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    97 Grand Prix GTP fuel pump MAJOR issues

    I have a 97 grand prix gtp, I parked it and it ran fine. When I went to start it again, it would crank but not turnover.
    Here's what has been changed / checked as of the issue:
    New fuel pump
    new fuel pump resistor
    the ECM (in the air box) is good!
    Relays and fuses are all GOOD and have been triple checked inside and out
    The battery is good, and I am getting spark to the plugs!

    The OBD II diagnostics tool reads "link error" ( have tried with 2 different devices )
    I am not getting fuel pressure, fuel pump is not turning on, and not getting electricity to pump (checked w/ test light)

    I've tried the fuel pump resistor bypass techniques, a couple different methods before, by bending the tab out and reinserting the relay, that didn't work but the one method that recommended connecting a wire to two slots in the "14" relay section turned my fuel pump on full time even when the key was off. Car still wouldn't start though, but it was the only time the fuel pump has kicked on.

    I put a new fuel pump in, with the venturi port from zz performance hoping that would do it but I guess not...
    I have a fuel pump rewire kit, i might try this, I'm still confused why my fuel pump at least turns on when I do the wire in the relay slot tech.

    Also, about the ports that the fuel pump relays plug into, one light stays lit full time in 1 out of the 5 slots in each of the 2 relay sections. When I turn the key, no other lights come on, that is supposed to be the signal to prime the pump, right?

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